10 Myths about Botox

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Botulinum Neurotoxin Injections

Botulinum toxin is the full name of the active ingredient used but for simplicity sake we will refer to the product by ‘botox’ only. After chemical peels this is certainly the most popular procedure done at Dr Kannenberg’s practice. The results are usually reviewed in 1-2 weeks to assure beautiful results. Privacy is guaranteed. Have a look at some myths and realities regarding botox injections:

①Botox is toxic and dangerous.

Botox has been used since the early 1980’s and has many medical indications for use (squints, muscle spasms, etc). In huge amounts, botox may be toxic but in the minuscule amounts used for cosmetic effect: The product is very safe.

②Botox is only for older people who have wrinkles. 

Prevention is better than cure. The best time to start using botox is before the wrinkles develop.

③It will leave you looking frozen and expressionless. 

When the product is injected correctly, in the right amounts, you will not be left with a frozen face. The aim is to get the facial features softer. The overall aim is to enhance your natural beauty.

④The effects last forever.

The effect usually lasts 3-4 months – longer for some people and shorter for others. The more treatments you have, the longer the effect will last – similar to how a muscle weakens if not used. The effect does wear off, however, so treatments will have to be repeated every few months.

⑤There are creams that do the same thing. 

Up to date there is no clinical research to supports this claim. Maybe in the future, but currently: No cream compares to this wonder medication.

⑥The injections are very painful. 

This varies from person to person but “painful” is an exaggeration. Can you feel it? Yes – but I use very small needles, and distraction techniques. This usually leaves my patients asking, “Was that it?” as they were expecting much worse. You can handle it with a smile. 

Botox is just for women.

Men get wrinkles too! Men are also discovering the benefits of Botox. Injections placed at the appropriate sites relieve stress headaches, clenching and grinding of the teeth. As men’s faces are more muscular they do require more product but otherwise; the exact same applies to men and women.

⑧Your wrinkles will worsen once you stop botox treatment 

Untreated your skin develops a memory of use and lines become permanent. Every 3-4 months that this does not get an opportunity to occur is 3-4 months that that memory is not formed. Therefore, with every 3-4 months of treatment your skin rests for this period. Wrinkles will not worsen after botox.

⑨Botox only works for facial lines and wrinkles.

Not at all. Although botox is used for wrinkles, it is also used to reduce pain caused by neck spasms and other muscles that are too tight. Botox can help reduce “gummy smiles”, improve dimpled chins, relieve clenching and grinding teeth, relieve headaches and even helps for sweat reduction. Some even have botox treatments to warm cold hands. Botox has several medical indications/uses

⑩Botox is for rich and vain people.

The price varies widely from one practitioner to another but is relatively affordable. Considering the effects usually lasts 3-4 months, it’s a no-brainer. Even 1 treatment per year will be beneficial. Botox is for people who want to look after themselves. That certainly does not mean that you are vain. You are your most valuable commodity.

A youthful appearance is the best thing you can wear.

Dr arthur swift